Children at risk

The weaker the prey, the crueler the predator

Share of victims in different age-groups






Early teens

Victims, whether they are adults or children, are targeted by their exploiters because of their vulnerabilities. Children are particularly vulnerable because they are too naive to understand the true purposes of offenders’ actions, unable to articulate the circumstances of their exploitation to authorities, and easy to be controlled physically.

All children are vulnerable but some are easier targets

  • Economically disadvantaged children
  • Children from dysfunctional homes
  • Children lacking education
  • Abused or neglected children
  • Children dependent on the child sex offender
  • Gender-discriminated children
  • Abducted or migrant children
  • Children with inadequate family and social support
  • Runaway children
  • Street children (selling goods, cleaning windshields at traffic lights, begging)